Sunday, July 7, 2013

Medical Exam

Today we left our hotel around 9:00 am for Chloe's medical exam...basically an approved US Consulate facility has to say she is well enough to enter the country. Chloe did so tears shed! She weighs just over 20 lbs...she is seriously a chunk. My arm hasn't worked so hard since Ethan was her age. 

About to go in for her exam:)
Taking her visa picture

Trying out Jax's stroller...mommy plans to rent one for the rest of the trip
Height and weight

Checking her breathing
Seeing the ear infection

And just in case you need it wine can be found in the lobby of the medical plaza!! Lol
The medical plaza is right across the street from where the new Consulate office will be (hence that awful 2 week closure)

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