Saturday, October 31, 2015

Food and Wine/Spooktacular weekend

Boy we have been busy! Mommy and daddy got a date night with friends to go to Food and Wine at Epcot! I loved it...Nick not so much. Lines for small bites of food at high prices...not his thing! Nevertheless we got out and enjoyed our time kid free!

The next day, we packed up after church to join Auntie Shell and crew at Sea World! As I do these mass posts I realize we never stop! Yikes may need a vacation before Christmas:)

Jamie's Off to London

Orange Belt Testing

I wasn't sure if they would get this far. Karate is a big commitment in addition to all their other activities, but hard work pays off and they got their new belt. So proud of both boys!

Halloween Festivities

I love this time of year! Tons to do and pure fun for the kids. Last weekend we went to Painted Oaks farm for another fall festival...

The next day we strolled down memory lane at UCF Trick or Treat on Greek St. I loved getting to go into my old sorority house where I lived for two years and met my best friends. 
My old room
Daddy's old fraternity house

We rushed from Greek St to our fall festival at church! It was so much fun!

Chloe thinks her best friend is Mrs Lisa:)

Then this week the kids had some Halloween fun at school.
Last night we kicked off the weekend with the My Gym Halloween party! The trio loved it! I am pooped and have about 60 friends coming over today for a street party! Good times!