Monday, October 19, 2015

Partin Ranch Fall Fun

I told myself I wouldn't allow myself to get behind on blogging ever again. Well, it happened and here I am months behind and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of pictures I have to document. I am forcing myself just to start with yesterday! We had a great day at Partin Ranch way out in the boonies far from home. It was some good ol' down home fun. All the kids said their favorite part was the corn maze. There was a big kid maze and a mini maze. Chloe loved pulling the corn off the stalk in the mini maze and shucking it which was probably not what she was supposed to be doing in the maze. That's our Chloe though! I absolutely love this time of year in Florida. After a dreadfully hot summer it's so nice to be outside. Therefore, we pack our weekends with fun outdoor activities. I am tired this morning, but feeling fulfilled as I get ready to send the kids off to school. I sure do love my little family! 

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