Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Adoption Timeline

1995-Katie watched a Oprah special as a junior in high school on the One-Child policy in China resulting in tons of little girls in the orphanges there and knew one day she will adopt.

1996-Katie attends college at UCF and meets one of her best friends, Kerri, who was adopted from Seoul, Korea at 6 months old.

Oct 2011-Various circumstances lead Katie to read Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman. Katie felt God tugging on her heart with every page turn. Katie begins fervently praying for Nick (and maybe nagging a bit too) about adoption from China.

Feb. 24, 2012-After what felt like an eternity (although only 4 months) Nick says "yes" to adoption through tears of joy...knowing this is without a doubt what God has called us to do.

Feb. 25, 2012-We begin the application process.

Feb. 27, 2012-Application mailed to CCAI

Feb. 28, 2012-Application received...once our references are received we will find out if we are approved!

March 21, 2012-We are approved to proceed with adoption!

April 11, 2012-First round of documents approved, first agency fee sent, phone conference Orientation

June 14, 2012-First Home Study visit. All dossier documents notarized and ready to be sent to Secretary of State

July 9, 2012-Second Home Study visit.

Sept.4, 2012-Nick fingerprinted for USCIS

Sept. 10, 2012-Katie fingerprinted for USCIS

Sept. 12, 2012-received I-797

Sept. 12, 2012-all documents authenticated minus I-797 and Home Study

Oct. 19, 2012-ALL Dossier documents approved by Dossier Team and sent to Colorado for translation

Oct. 26, 2012-Dossier on its way to China

Oct. 29,2012-Dossier delivered to CCCWA in China

Oct. 31,2012-LID!!!

Dec. 31,2012-First referral:(

Feb. 5, 2013-Second referral:( Still waiting for our daughter


March 17, 2013-Sent LOI to CCAI

March 22, 2013- Pre-Approval

April 1, 2013-Letter of Acceptance (LOA)

April 22, 2013-I-800 Provisional Approval

April 25, 2013-PDF from NVC

April 30, 2013-Article 5 drop off

May 13, 2013-Emergency Consulate Closure...Article 5 pick up delay by a week

May 21, 2013-Article 5 pick up

May 22, 2013-wait for Travel Approval BEGINS

June 17, 2013-Travel Approval

June 26, 2013-Leave for China

July 1, 2013-Gotcha

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