Sunday, July 21, 2013

First week home

Our first week home was filled with ups and downs...gosh, it sure is hard to adjust to life w three kids when your body tells you it's still in China! Jet lag is no joke and effects not just sleep:( I think between China and our first week home I managed to lose a few pounds, but now my appetite is back in full swing and fully expect to put them back on. Especially with all the lovely meals so many of you are bringing! Side note-meals are such a huge blessing!! I will be a better giver of them in the future:)

Anyway, I survived the week mostly on my own. Nick went back to work Tuesday:( and my parents took a much deserved (and needed) vacation! Some days I felt like a really good mom and that I had it all together and others I counted down the moments till the day was over! Gavin was such a good brother, but Ethan wasn't have the easiest of times with his new little sister! He wasn't himself all week...turns out he had a severe double ear infection. Poor baby screamed for hours yesterday begging us to get him to the dr. He got two shots and after several hours was able to feel some relief! Yesterday was hard though juggling a very sick little boy, a baby, and a sweet big brother who wanted to go to a pool party! We managed to make everyone happy and by the end of the day I felt a little more confident. 

Our little Chloe girl is a beautiful addition to our family and we are loving every minute with her. She is coming to life more each day! Trusting us, smiling for us, allowing us to love her...goodness, it was not easy for her, but we are so thankful for these milestones! I cannot get enough of her clefty smile and would be happy never to have it repaired! She is a light:) another side note-I am so thankful to have her or I may have never really been able to teach my kids the all too important lesson that looking different is ok. Everywhere we go we get stares-breaks my heart! Especially in China, but even here at good ol Sweet Frog! Thinking about others with special needs go through has now hit home...I sure hope my children will always show compassion to others even if they don't look like them.

Coming home with an adoptive baby with special needs also equals lots of drs appts. Last week, we saw our pediatrician who ordered hip X-rays, blood work, cleft consult, stool samples, pediatric ophthalmologist consult, etc. I was able to fit in the x rays last week and scheduled all the other appts for the next few weeks...whew! Drs. Visits alone could be a full time job! Unfortunately, Chloe's hip X-rays were abnormal so we will add an orthopedic surgeon consult to the mix! Just taking it one day at a time!!!

We were also able to squeeze in a few visitors this week!! 

Yesterday I posted a scripture about the many deeds the Lord has done (Many, Lord my God, are the wonders you have done, the things you planned for us. None can compare with you; were I to speak and tell of your deeds, they would be too many to declare. Psalm 40:5)...we are just in awe of how God has provided for us and answered so many prayers (many that y'all prayed on our behalf). We are just soooo incredibly thankful!!! It seems selfish to ask for continued prayers, but we will need them...our medical road with Chloe will be long. Please also continue to pray for her continued growth as a daughter! She is learning what this means, but it won't be a quick process! In addition, my beloved aunt and my sister in law's mother have both been diagnosed with cancer during our journey. We are believing God for a miracle for both of these precious ladies and pleading with God for healing for them both!! 

Again, we are just sooo thankful for all of you!!! Thanks for loving us and praying!!!

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