Thursday, March 22, 2012

We are expecting!

Waking up this morning and remembering the call yesterday that we are approved feels like a dream! I am having a baby but I am not pregnant...kind of a crazy feeling! So many mixed emotions going on in my brain at this moment! I can't believe something I have thought about since 1995 is REALLY happening. The more I read about China and the orphanages there the more I want to get to there to get our girl! And convince any of you who read this to come with us too. Man oh man...those babies need US!Now that we are approved the madness begins! We need to raise a ton of support and complete a TON (no kidding...we got a 20 page packet which just outlines what we have to do) of paperwork. BUT the most important thing is that we are APPROVED and we are going to CHINA for our sweet baby God already has for us!!!!

For those who want to know what are next steps look like I have included the first 3 pages of the 20 page outline we received yesterday!

Dear Katie and Nick,

Congratulations! After careful review and approval of your Application for Adoption, CCAI-FL is pleased to invite you to attend the Adoption Orientation to be held on April 14, 2012, at the CCAI-FL offices located at 5814 Old Pasco Road, Wesley Chapel, Florida 33544. Please note that all required items in the second list below must be received by CCAI-FL prior to the scheduled event. Applicants with incomplete files will be notified two days prior to the scheduled Orientation that they have been re-scheduled for the next Orientation.

The Orientation will begin at 10:00 a.m. and will end at 11:30 a.m. In the best interest of all families attending Orientation, we are unable to accommodate children at these events. Thank you for your understanding.

This packet includes a number of documents for informational purposes only:
1. Adoption Dossier explanation
2. Adoption Home Study explanation
3. “Staying Connected” Memo
4. “How Are We Doing?” Memo
5. Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption Complaint Registry

This packet also includes a number of documents which applicants must complete and return to CCAI-FL prior to Orientation attendance:

1. Residential History form
2. Release and Consent form (all adults in home complete this form - everyone on same form)
3. Central Abuse Hotline Record Search form (Fill out the first page, and then also list all persons, including applicants, any additional adults, and children on the second page. Provide social security numbers for each)
4. FDLE Criminal History Information Request (print one form for each person in the home, age 12 or older)
5. Firearms Safety Acknowledgement Form (all adults in home, 18 and older, must sign)
6. Two copies of the Service Agreement (both applicants must sign in front of a notary)
7. Fee Policy Agreement (both applicants must sign in front of a notary)
8. Applicant Autobiographies (Use enclosed Guidelines to complete. These should be in narrative
form, between 6 and 8 pages.)
9. CCAI-FL Home Study Documentation Checklist, Part I form (to help you keep track of your progress as you compile the above list. This is the last document in the packet. You will receive the CCAI-FL Home Study Documentation Checklist, Part II form in your Orientation Packet. You will receive CCAI-FL Home Study Documentation Checklist, Part III via email, upon CCAI-FL’s receipt of your home study draft from your social worker. )

In addition to the above listed documents to be immediately returned to CCAI-FL, please also remit:
1. First Agency fee of $3,350.00. Please make check out to CCAI.
2. FDLE Criminal History fee of $24.00 per person; a single check, made out to FDLE.

Should you have questions, please contact us at 813-994-1000 or via We realize you have taken a leap of faith in joining the CCAI family, and we very much look forward to assisting you in your “journey of a lifetime!”


Your CCAI-Florida Staff

Adoption Dossier Explanation

Preparing the Dossier is explained in detail in the Adoption Dossier Guide. You will be able to download your Dossier Guide from the Parent Access Network on the CCAI web site once CCAI-FL has received your signed Service Agreements, Fee Agreement and first CCAI agency fee. It is imperative that you download the Guide, and have it available during your Orientation. We do not, however, recommend that you take action on any dossier documentation until you have completed Orientation, and have completed the online Dossier Orientation presentation.

The dossier is a compilation of all adoption related documents required by the Chinese government as explained in the Adoption Law of PR China and Implementation Measures on the Adoption of Children by Foreigners in PR China. The China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA), the highest Chinese official agency responsible for processing and screening your adoption qualifications, will determine your qualifications based on your dossier. Therefore, it is extremely important to compile your dossier according to the requirements of the Chinese government.

Documents included in the Dossier are:

1 Adoption Petition
2 Husband Birth Certificate
3 Wife Birth Certificate
4 Marriage Certificate
5 Husband Employment Verification
6 Wife Employment Verification
7 Financial Statement
8 Husband Physical Examination Report
9 Wife Physical Examination Report
10 Doctor letter(s) (if applicable)
11 Husband Local Police Clearance Report
12 Wife Local Police Clearance Report
13 I-797
14 Home Study
15 Passport Copies (Photo and signature page only)
16 Eight family life, three couple photos, and three passport photos each
17 Three notarized reference copies (CCAI-FL will take care of this for you)

Home Study Explanation

The home study is a representation of you, your history, your current situation, and your hopes and dreams with regard to this adoption. It is written by a CCAI social worker following receipt of all documentation, completion of the required four interviews, and following at least some participation in parent training courses. The home study document is required by the State of Florida, USCIS, and China.

Preparing for the home study is discussed in-depth during the Orientation, but you may anticipate that the following documentation will be needed:

1. Photocopy of Adoption Petition
2. Photocopy of Husband Birth Certificate
3. Photocopy of Wife Birth Certificate
4. Photocopy of Marriage Certificate
5. Photocopy of Husband Employment Verification
6. Photocopy of Wife Employment Verification
7. Photocopy of Financial Statement
8. Photocopy of the first two pages of your latest tax return
9. Photocopy of Husband Physical Examination Report
10. Photocopy of Wife Physical Examination Report
11. Photocopy of Doctor letter(s) (if applicable)
12. Photocopy of Husband Local Police Clearance Report
13. Photocopy of Wife Local Police Clearance Report
14. Photocopy of Husband Florida State clearances
15. Photocopy of Wife Florida State clearances
16. Photocopy of Florida Child Abuse Network clearance ( husband and wife on same form)
17. Prior residence state/country clearances (prepared and presented to you at Orientation)
18. Applicant Autobiographies
19. Directions to your home
20. Floor plan

So we will be VERY busy! Pray for us as this journey officially begins!

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