Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Big Brothers to Be

I am a little weepy this morning as I sit down to write this! What is happening in our lives is truly amazing and surreal. We are having a baby, but we aren't pregnant! And yet, I am feeling so much of the anticipation, urgency to prepare, and even nesting that I felt with both of my boys. Maybe God's way of showing me that the love for this baby will be no different than that I felt with Gavin and Ethan. My precious boys are going to be big brothers. They are going to learn that love knows no boundaries, no colors. A couple days ago Gavin and I were singing Jesus Loves the Little Children while he went potty (a normal daily occurence). As we sang, I realized what a great teaching moment this song was to explain to my completely precious little boy about God's love for us...all His children, all over the, yellow, black, or white..all precious in His sight. Gavin has no idea what all this means for our family, but he understands he is getting sister. Yesterday, when my friend Ginny visited with her daughter Stella, Gavin said is Stella kind of like my sister will be? Oh Gavin, kind of like, but so different!

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