Thursday, April 23, 2015

Happy 7th birthday Gavin!

I can't believe in a matter of weeks by boys went from 6 and 4 to 7 and 5! 
This week it's finally Gavin's turn! The boys countdown to their birthdays each year. Gavin was so excited when I told him this morning that today we got to celebrate him with cupcakes in the park and that tomorrow he would officially be 7! I remember his birthday vividly. Boy was that a difficult time for our family. An emergency c-section followed by a 2 week hospital stay with a mysterious infection not even the infectious disease dr could figure out. I didn't know if I would make it through that time, but here we are seven years later with our bright, creative, funny little guy. Gavin taught me to be a parent and got to be my only child for a whole 23 months. Not only did he teach me to be a mom, but he taught me how powerful the love for your child can be. Gavin hasn't changed a lot over the years. He has always been kind and loving. He is so sweet to his brother and sister and will help me out in a minute. He is a rule follower who strives to please and please he does. I am so very proud of him! His love for his brother runs deep and that makes my heart so happy.

 His patience for Chloe is like no other and I know God meant for him to be the oldest. 

And most important -He loves Legos! I mean really, really loves them! His friend Luke introduced him to the Mixels last year and the boy is obsessed!

Here are a few pics from his cupcake celebration yesterday afterschool with his best buds (and a gal). 

Last night of being a six year old!

 I am certainly am blessed beyond measure to call this blonde haired, blue eyed cutie my son! Happy 7th birthday Gavin Nicolas!

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