Monday, March 30, 2015

Happy 5th birthday Ethan Paul!

My sweet boy is 5 today! It seems like yesterday I was coming home from the hospital with him to celebrate Easter! He was such a good baby and that hasn't changed as he has grown. 

He is so kind hearted and love his friends. He is a little shy, but enjoys school. Though he says he is not excited that turning 5 means he will have to go everyday. He hardly ever gets in trouble, uses his manners all the time, and thanks me for dinner every single night. 

His love for basketball runs deep. We have known he would love playing this game since he was almost two....he wanted to play with the little tykes hoop for hours. Now that he is big he plays on our YMCA league and counts down to practice and game day each week. He just finished the season and has moved on to karate which is loves. He has a natural athletic ability and has picked up on skills quickly. He loves the ninja turtles so this might be why he is finally interested in karate. Nick is so happy!!!!

Ethan loves performing which is crazy since he is fairly shy! He sings the loudest anytime he has a preschool performance. It's so cute his face turns bright red he is singing to hard! 

The joy he brings to our family is truly beyond measure. I can't imagine one day without him. He is a gift to me and the rest of our family. A true treasure. I know God had big things in store for his sweet soul! Love you baby Ethan!!!! Happy birthday!!!! 

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