Thursday, March 12, 2015

Referral Anniversary

How can it be possible that we saw this face two years ago?

It was an evening I will never, ever forget and always wish I could relive. After two highs and then extreme lows of file reviews that didn't match our requirements this face was the one. On the night of March 13th we would open our final file review and find our daughter. Two years have passed since that life changing evening....730 days! I can't remember what like was even like without her. It's crazy how her little personality has gone from somber and stoic to silly and sassy! On most days, she exhausts me with her energetic spirit and crazy curiousity. It is hard to keep up, but I love that she has the confidence to be herself and explore the world she didn't have access to for 13 months of her life. I love that she has such a kind heart (mostly) and is sensitive and caring. When I am sick or hurt I have to be careful how I express it to her or she will lose it. Her little lip will begin to move to the saddest little pout and the tears will flow while she can barely catch her breath. It's one of those cries that is different and I often wonder if it was a cry from her first days. It is heart breaking to hear.

 But more than cries we here her giggle and laugh. She loves her brothers and if they aren't in the car she will ask "where's Efan?" (Ethan) or "Where's Gabin?" (Gavin). She is talking up a to her SLP mamas ears. I have to remind myself that I prayed for this language and speech explosion on the rare day I am trying to catch up with a friend on the phone and she wants me to acknowledge every.word.she.says!!!  And I mentioned she is sassy....seriously let the camera roll be the evidence:)

She is beginning to play appropriately (minus this picture of her in her baby's pack and play) which is a welcomed treat and a skill that hasn't come naturally at all for her. 

She adores swimming! Her refresher lessons just started for the season and this was the tantrum that ensued when we had to leave her instructors pool. I know God always planned for her to live in Florida:)

She doesn't miss a beat and picks up on everything. One day while outside she noticed Nicks ice packs laying on the table and sat right down and iced her knees like she has seen daddy do so many times before.

This little girl who has changed our lives and given us more joy (and calories burned-lol) than we could ever dream looked out to us for the first time March 13, 2013. I am thankful everyday for this journey. When I need a reminder of God's providence and sovereignty...I take a little look at this face.