Sunday, May 27, 2012

Answered Prayer

I think it is sooooo cool when God answers a VERY specific prayer! I have been praying for "friends" to go through this adoption journey with. God clearly answered that prayer by putting Teresa Altman, Karen Foster, and now the Juliano family in my life. I have known Karen for years now, but she is a new adoption resource blessing. A couple months ago (after only a week or two of praying for friends) my parents were randomly introduced to Teresa in my home town. Teresa is just a few months ahead of us in the adoption process. Her family is adopting a SN little girl from China with CCAI (our agency too) and also's that for an answered prayer! The story of our connection to the Juliano's is complicated and God orchestrated! And yesterday, I met their family for the first time. What an incredible, incredible blessing they are!

We spent the afternoon and evening with the Juliano's. I cannot say how thankful I am for this new friendship! We had a GREAT time getting to know them and seeing their little Lily who is just too precious for words!
Gavin and Lily became instant friends and I can't explain how amazing it was to see them form a bond. Now Gavin can understand just a wee bit better about his sister from China:)! And I am already looking forward to many more adventures with our girls (and boys).

Lesson learned-no prayer is too big or small or silly for God! It is important to share this journey with people who "understand". God knows that and I am thankful!

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