Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Quick Update

We have been chugging along with all our paperwork...I finished my last item (bloodwork) in order for our home study to start this morning. Once Nick completes his physical and bloodwork this week hopefully we will move to the home study portion of this crazy journey! We will still have lots of paperwork to send to the Secretary of the State and then to Houston to the Chinese Consulate, but atleast most of it is in our possession now! It is exciting to be making progress and checking off to-do's! We have our yard sale next weekend and the Scentsy fundraiser will be up through May and then hopefully with God's permission we will take a fundraising break for the summer:) I am tired, but not overwhelmed...really growing...learning this life is NOT about us!!! I am reading a book by Katie Davis called Kisses from Katie right now...if you want to be challenged READ this book! I will have lots to write about that when I finish the book! That's all for now friends!!

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