Tuesday, May 22, 2012


What a awesome fundraiser! Our Adopt Without Debt book said garage sale fundraisers are great to raise a big chunk of money, but they are really tough...and that is true! There is NO way we could have done with without the support of so many.

Gavin and Ethan were the biggest supporters:)! They made sure all the toys were in working order. As I priced and packed them, they unpacked them and played with them.

Nick was our heavy lifter and pick up man! Of course he had some help with loading and unloading...Gavin and Ethan were so helpful as they ran up and down the ramp. We were very blessed to use this trailer and truck. Dustin and Brooke Janney you ROCK!

My mom will kill me for this one, but it gives a good idea of how hard we worked. This shows the almost fully loaded and priced garage. She was a queen at organizing! Thanks mom...also Brooke, Emily, and Melissa who organized and priced!

I was touched by all of the donations...so many of you gave to us! Some I never would have expected. Some I didn't even know. This rocking chair donation was one of the most touching. Shelley Knickle saw our need and though she didn't know us GAVE so much for us to sell including this rocking chair she hand painted for her girls nurseries. 

My sweet crew-Ginger, Andrea, Ginny, and Stella...you gave up your entire Saturday for us! And for that matter for a GARAGE sale. I think now how much has changed since college...our days of deciding what mall we should go to are long gone. Now days are filled with kids, kindness, and support! We have been through a LOT together...a garage sale should seem meaningless, but your support of us and this cause means more to me than I will ever be able to say. THANK YOU!

It was a great day! We raised over 1600.00. Between saving and fundraising we have enough to pay our next agency fee which will be due very soon and our USCIS filing. Thank YOU to all those who donated...without your donations this would have never have been possible. Thank YOU to all those who priced and organized...I can't even imagine how I would have tackled the completely filled garage alone. Thank YOU to all those who helped set-up...Blanca, Linda, Paul, Rich, April, Ginger, Heidi, Brianna, Dad...7:00 am comes very early on a Saturday morning we realize this task wasn't on your list of top fun things to do on a Saturday which is why we appreciate you even more. Thank YOU mom and dad for helping with the sale and most importantly with the boys so we didn't have to pay for a sitter! We are so incredibly blessed to see giving in action...it is difficult to be the "receiver." We are so humbled and grateful!

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