Monday, June 11, 2012

Back at it!

Just another reminder about our upcoming fundraiser! Please let us know if you are in by signing up at eventbrite or emailing Nick ( so we can plan accordingly.

In other news, our Home Study is set for THIS Thursday morning. I haven't had a second to think about preparations or anything else for that matter. My childhood best friend's mom has had some major health problems in recent months and passed away this past Tueday...needless to say, my mind and heart have been distracted. My heart is broken for Natalie as her momma was also her best friend. The hardest days are yet to come for her I am afraid as life is supposed to get back to "normal" and Natalie's "normal" will never be that way again. I loved Pam Gourley as well...but know Jesus loved her as well and she loved Jesus. Today she is with Him and is in pain no more...therefore, we have HOPE! Still doesn't change our sorrow here in this broken world.

Natalie and her Momma, Pam Gourley, who read this blog and was so excited for our plans to adopt. Mrs. Gourley you will be missed!

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