Friday, June 15, 2012

Home Study Round One

So excited to say our first Home Study visit is complete and it went great! Our social worker (and newly retired agency director), Kat, was a wonderful resource and I think we passed with flying colors. Our house is already ready for a new little addition since we have a four and two year old. No child proofing needed:) Her biggest concern...over stimulating our little girl who may have never been exposed to toys with too many. We got asked some tough questions, but nothing we hadn't already addressed in our autobiographies or discussed previously. Kat gave us a little better idea of our timeline...although, it is just a guesstimate and we won't know for sure until we are matched. BUT, she said our dossier would probably get logged in in China sometime in September and we could possibly be matched by the end of the year. Which would have us traveling sometime in the New Year. We are in no rush and really trusting God's perfect timing on this one. I just keep praying for our little girl, who based on the timeline above has probably already been born...her mom has probably already made the decision to let her go...and she is probably already living in an orphanage. OUR LITTLE GIRL...praying God's protection over her FOREVER and especially until we can get to her!

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