Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yard Sale Fundraiser-May 19th

If you read my last post (just posted a few minutes ago), I am no longer on hiatus from fundraising! God has called us to adopt and He will provide, but that doesn't mean I should sit on my hiney while I wait! So it is with great boldnesss that I ask for your used items...donate them to us to help us raise support for our adoption! My good friend Brooke recently encouraged me by saying..."if you had all the money you needed in the bank and just could write a check where would God be in that." Thank you, Brooke! We don't have the money we need in the bank so please help us to raise it! Your junk could make a big impact for a little one in China! Contact me if you would like to donate (and we can arrage a pick up) or would like to volunteer....we need many more! Andrea Eason and I aren't going to cut it alone:) But many thanks to you, Andrea, for being such a faithful friend and encouraging me to do this fundraiser!

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