Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gavin Turns FOUR!

Another totsite post here because I am lacking great adoption updates and insight! Feeling somewhat discouraged...not about adoption itself because I still feel we are called to do this...just all the other stuff that goes along with it! Not going to speak about the discouraging part here because there is soooo much to be ENCOURAGED about! Especially when we have a FOUR year old in our house! I cannot imagine what I did before I had kids...only four years have gone by since I laid eyes on my first precious gift from God. Fours short, but long enough to not remember too much about life before Gavin Nicolas. Life with Gavin is so much better than without Gavin! Words will never do justice about my feelings for my sweet boy, but I will try!
Gavin, You are mommy's dream come true...much like the book we read so much "God Gave Us You." You are my little pea in the pod! Daddy says we are so much alike and I would have to agree. We are the talkers in our family. We don't like messes and always take our shoes off in houses:)! But you are more like your daddy in other are sooooo smart and kind! You bring so much joy to our house and every adventure with you is more fun! I love that you are sweet and sensitive and especially that you already love Jesus! Every night before bed you still ask, "Who is going to be here soon?" Now you can answer all by yourself..."Mommy, daddy, Ethan, Gavin, Jesus and God." I love your sweet spirit and that you already know "Jesus and God" will be here when we wake! I love that when you are not being kind to Pauly that I can say what does Jesus say about reply that He says "Be kind to one another!" You are my joy and my bud! I love you more than words! Happy birthday, sweet pea! You are my everything, Mommy

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