Monday, April 9, 2012

Non-Adoption Fun

I haven't posted in a couple days...we have been busy focusing on The Peterman Farm Party for the boys birthday. I think of it as one last, planned before adoption, extravaganza! I love party planning (hey, that might be a good way to fundraise...anyone want to hire, but it is exhausting in the midst of international adoption. However, it was so nice to focus on fun for my boys and their friends and leave all the other stresses of life behind for a few days! And, now I am done with thinking about birthday parties for another year:) I posted this to our totsites, but thought I would share here...more pics to come soon, hopefully!

We had an fun filled weekend! I had such a great time, but TODAY, the exhaustion has set in and this mama is sooooo TIRED!!!! Thanks to many people (who I will list later in the this post because they are so awesome that I must mention by name) the boys had a great party on The Peterman Farm! Our backyard was transformed for the big day and everything was just sooo cute if I do say so myself. Gavin was so happy the party was finally happening since he spent months looking through the party stuff in my closet. He said his favorite part of the day was the puppet show. Ethan's favorite part was the bounce house I am sure...he LOVED it. The only drawback was that the bounce house arrived at 7:00 am and the party didn't start until 10:00 so Pauly was worn out before his guests even arrived. At one point in the party, Gavin also decided he was ready for bed, but got his second wind when we offered cake! I love planning the boys parties and I love themes! I do NOT love the clean up involved, but it was all worth it to see all the kids having so much fun and to have my family and friends all together at one time especially our little Sebring/Avon Park travelers. So here comes the thank you part....Gavin and Ethan when you read this one day you will know how much you are loved (and how much your mommy is too).

Mom/Em, Thank you so much for EVERYTHING you did (and Dad too). The centerpieces were adorable and the food was so yummy. Thanks for raiding your house for all things farm and helping me DO everything even setting up/cooking at 5:00 am. Most of all, thank you that you love us so much that these things aren't a chore to enjoy them! You and dad are the best and so giving!

Peep nests made by Em

Auntie Amber-Thank you for ALL your help. Thank you for the cake pops...they were pure perfection and we all LOVED them! Thanks for arranging the precious cake at a steal! And for all your help setting up too.

Auntie Shell-Thanks for giving us the hay and hauling it here! It made the FARM. Thanks for stuffing eggs and for helping us the night before too. And of course, for always being my photographer!

Lisa-I don't know if you even read this, but you are the sweetest person I know. I am so glad to know you and that Gavin got to spend a year in your class. Thank you for making the trees and the day I will be able to repay the favor!

Food table (food hadn't come out yet) with banner made by Ms. Lisa

Ms. Katrina-Thank you for donating your time to us ...we all LOVED Kindermusic...especially Gavin! It was a hit and a perfect party addition.

Nick/Daddy-Thanks for letting me have one more party here! I know the timing wasn't the best...I would have planned it differently had I known where we would be with adoption! But you are such a good probably worked the hardest out of us all with all the set up of tents and tables and chairs and returns of all those borrowed things as well. And thank you for knowing I want it all cleaned up before we go to bed:) I love you and I love that you love our boys so much and are SOOOOO involved in their lives!

Family and Friends-Thank you for coming and loving my sweet boys!

Uncle Charlie and Ethan Paul

So now I feel like I won an Oscar with this THANK YOU! My cup runneth over y'all!

Happy birthday sweet babies...we all love you to infinity and beyond!

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