Sunday, April 29, 2012

Greater Boldness

This last week, as I have mentioned, has not been one of the best...I am just going to be honest here, I have been doubting God...doubting his ability to perform miracles today (even though I KNOW he is quite capable), doubting His providence and sovereignty. I am not proud to admit this as I long for the faith to move mountains...but it has just been one of those weeks that I have felt God's plan for us seems impossible. I will also admit that I have been so discourgaged by fundraising, asking for support, seeking help, etc. This is one area that I thought would be "easy" in the scheme of things. I look back now and realize how silly that was, but I was so much more prepared for all the stress to be involved in compiling our dossier, but DEFINITELY not prepared by the ups and down that asking for support brings. We have totally put ourselves out there. It just kind of stinks sometimes when everyone doesn't understand this mission! So, what did I do...I "quit"...well, in my mind I quit. Yes, I gave up!

Well, today Pastor Dale preached on the Church Redefined from Acts 2-4. Okay, can I just say...whoaaa...God had a message just for me today. In general, the message was this-that we must "GO" and be "BOLD" for Christ. We should be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and the opportunities that are given to us to reach this world for Christ. The application to our current situation came in this- Peter and John were preaching the gospel bringing thousands to Christ and performing miracles. The Sanhedrin was greatly disturbed because they were teaching the people and proclaiming in Jesus the resurrection of the dead (Acts 4:2). As Pastor Dale put it, they were pointing their fingers at Peter and John scolding them for preaching what they believed...Jesus! And what did Peter and John do...I bet you can guess they did NOT sulk (like me) or as for protection for themselves. They joined their people and prayed for greater boldness. Acts 4:29, Now, Lord, consider these threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness. I am sure Peter and John were afraid (possibly even for their lives), but did they QUIT, did they give up? No, they did what Jesus told them TO DO and obeyed! They greatly proclaimed the gospel and brought many, many more to Christ. They ACTED in BOLDNESS for what God called them to.

The fact is, we are all called to preach the gospel! We are also all called to make a difference in this world. For all of us, that will look different. For Nick and I our mission (our "GO" our "TO DO") is not only adoption, it is to bring awareness to the orphans of this world and what the love of Jesus Christ looks like in action. We should do so with BOLDNESS! I will always now think of John and Peter and the fingers pointed in their faces by their opposition when I get discouraged. There will always be opposition (even though I didn't want to believe it) when you are trying to fulfill missions for Christ. In fact, Pastor Dale said it very well, "Anytime you are being used there will be opposition! In fact, if there isn't opposition we are doing something wrong."

Give me greater boldness oh God!

I leave this post with a few short verses from one of worship songs today by The Church- Now's the time for us to rise and carry hope to hopeless eyes And show this world that mercy is alive. Fill our hearts with Your compassion Let our love be active here!

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