Sunday, May 18, 2014

Chloe's Elmo 2nd birthday

We had such a great weekend celebrating our little love. I love planning parties and it was so fun to plan my first "girlie" bash! Chloe LOVES Elmo and says "Elmo" all the time so I went with him for the theme. I tried to incorporate all the things she loves and I think it was a hit...atleast for her. Gavin was pretty upset it was a "baby" party, but he also enjoyed himself, I think, once the music, dancing, and singing portion finished. I had planned to keep the party pretty simple and small, but ended up collecting quite a bit of stuff and Auntie Andrea supplied all the candy which was one of Chloe's favs! My sweet friend Jaime made one of my favorite pieces of of Chloe from our first days until now all shaped like a 2! It is really amazing to see them all lined up and the complete transformation she's made. All in all it was a wonderful weekend. I am one tired mama especially given our night ended with a car accident for Nick. Thankfully, he is ok and no one else was hurt but his car and another were towed and we were at the seen until 12:30 am after the party. So, today, Chloe's official birthday, we enjoyed some low key fun...pool, naps, Chili's, and Congo River. Mama is off to bed! Happy 2nd Birthday Raezie Girl! We love you soooo very much!

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