Monday, June 24, 2013

Life after TA

Life after TA is crazy, insane, emotional...its like a race that never ends, but you know the grand prize it worth it! Here's what's been done in these last six days-

-more passport photos
-book airline tickets (took 2 days for hours each day)
-print and read 30 page travel packet from agency
-print and copy ALL the millions of documents we need to bring
-have sweet friend's husband fix both our computers which were not working
-garage door broke (of course) get it fixed
-send cashier's check overnight to agency
-arrange all household things while gone (yard, bills, school for boys, etc)
-finishing shopping for necessary travel items
-contact international adoption dr. for scripts
-arrange surgery for once home
-schedule peditrician visit once home
-downloads VPNs
-Verizon for calling options
-PACK everything for 17 days in two bags under 50 lbs.
-pack orphanage donations
-set up house for Chloe's return (high chair, crib sheet washed, pack n play)

There's brain is just totally on overload so this is all I can think of off hand!

Planning to do one more post before we leave, but if I run out of time (tomorrow is FAMILY DAY) then talk to you from China!!!

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