Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chloe's Chinese Celebration

Could she get any cuter?? I mean, seriously, I think I am a little biased since she is mine....but oh my word!!!! I could eat her up:) We were soooo, soooo, sooo fortunate to get these pictures from Chloe's orphanage yesterday! The thumb drive we sent was put to good use:) Ann of Red Thread sent a birthday care package to our doll including the cake last weekend. Ann told us that Chloe's orphanage would not share pictures. My heart broke a little at the thought of never seeing our girl on her actual first bday, but then yesterday Ann sent me these pictures of her celebration! I am incredibly thankful. Ann said that I am a very lucky lady because the orphanage never shares any photos or videos with her. My precious baby had a very special day, even without a mommy. Still a little confused about why there are two candles on the cake (and tomatoes-thank for pointing that out Heather), but nevertheless, she was celebrated!

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