Monday, September 17, 2012

Adopt Speak and more

When we first began the adoption journey I read tons of blogs and easily became overwhelmed at all the acronyms and numbers used to describe various families points in their journey. Now, I speak the language. So many languages to this point one would think Mandarin would be important, but just to navigate your way through this crazy process you have to learn "adopt speak" as I now call it. I am now a fluent "adopt speaker" and very excited to say that we now have our I-797!!!!!! This is soooooo HUGE for all those familiar with this process. Basically, given our home study, fingerprints, and other application documents the United States has approved us to adopt a child from the P.R. of China:) This is the last major part of compiling our dossier. The incredible part of this is that from the time I was fingerprinted to the time we got our approval in the mail was five days!! From what I understand it can usually take several weeks once you attend your fingerprint appointment. So, here is the other HUGE part of this...this means almost positively that the little girl God has planned for us has already been born! Those who can relate know how bittersweet this can be...our daughter is waiting for us, but while she waits she is not in our care...she is living in an institution without a mommy and daddy. I recently read a book by Kay Bratt called Silent Tears: Life in a Chinese Orphanage which has impacted me greatly. At this point, I have a difficult time talking about my bittersweet feelings. Those who love me and even those who don't-I challenge you to read this book. First and foremost, because I believe it's important for us to be educated and not turn a blind eye to what is happening in this world.  Second, those who love me would understand some of the bittersweet feelings and why I am a bit emotional these days.

Most days, I have great intentions to sit and write a great blog post, but have a hard time gathering my thoughts...this certainly has been one of the most incredible growing experiences and we are not even holding our daughter yet. I want to do better at sharing...I will try!!

For now, baby sister, you brothers await:)

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