Friday, August 17, 2012

Two little books

Of all the documents we received in the mail for this adoption these two have had the MOST impact! Two little books that will take us across the world to meet our little girl...kind of crazy really! Most days, I really don't think much past the tasks at hand (mounds of paperwork, grant applications, etc). I chose not to let my mind wander to what those weeks in China will be like because wandering brings an overwhelming flood of emotions. But these two books were kind of like a wake up call! This is happening...we actually have passports...that will actually be used not for a trip to Fiji or Mexico, but to add a daughter to our family. I have dreamed of this since 1995 and it is ACTUALLY happening! Our daugher, based on the timeline given to us, has already made her debut into this world. Her mother has most likely already made the horrific decision to let her go and she is probably already living in an orphanage. Our an orphanage and alone...without us!!! This is why I take it day by day...these thoughts would be enough to fill my day with tears. However, these passports are a LIGHT...a visual encouragement that we are one step closer to holding our baby girl. One step closer to China!


  1. Katie, I got all teary when I saw this photo on Facebook. I am SO happy for you! Keep on praying for that little daughter, and it might even be a good thing to journal document some of your prayers. One day you'll be able to tell her that you did, and she will light up. I know this because I told it to our girls. They still ask me--almost daily--"How long were your praying for me, Mommy?" They love to know they were, and still are, prayed for. I have several of my prayers from the last year written out, including one I wrote for them on Christmas. I plan to read it to them this Christmas.

  2. a horrific decision is to have an abortion and end the child's life before ever having a chance. Your birth mother loved your child so much she is giving her the best chance at survival. there are 13 million legal abortions in china and probably a million born with special needs every year. your baby is safe and waiting for you, your birth mother made a very difficult and selfless decision and will bless you with a baby very soon! -karen