Monday, February 3, 2014

7 months in our arms

I was looking back at old posts and noticed I didn't get to post a seven month update. Each time I think maybe, just maybe, I am getting more used to juggling it all something quickly reminds me that I am not. Some days I remember sitting on the couch after working watching Oprah and Young and the Restless on my VCR (yes, remember those days) without an enormous to do list. I tell ya, I may like to have just one day like that, but most parts of my enormous list are much more rewarding. 

One of the small, not a priority, items on my to do list was to catch up on downloading pictures. Well, I finally got to download some pictures (most from Christmas). Looking back at all these photos is so fun...Chloe grows and changes so much each month. 

This was taken at our neighborhood Christmas parade. Boy how her hair has's almost one length now and this longer fits:(

Here they are spreading reindeer huge that she is participating!

What a silly girl! Loved the big boxes on Christmas.

While the boys played with each toy.

Here is another photo which says tons about Chloe's growth. She is actually sleeping at PapaEm's house:) So the boys and I had movie night! 

And here she was one week out post palate repair carefully being fed a bottle. Now she is fully healed and beginning to say all kinds of new words. 

Gosh, what a difference another month makes. Completely packed list for mama equals lots of growth and fun times for our family of five! Worth it all!!

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  1. It so delights me to see her each Sunday. I know you do see the changes in her, but for those of us who don't see her every day like you do, the changes seem more dramatic. It is unbelievable how Chloe has blossomed over the past 8 months! What a great testimony to God's love and the hard work your family has put in. You guys inspire everyone who knows your story. I wonder how many more little girls will find families as a result of Chloe's story!