Thursday, December 26, 2013


Joy is having all you've ever wanted before you open a single gift.

What a joyous day we had! It wasn't the gifts, but the givers, who made the day so wonderful! Chloe, Gavin, and Nick slept in late (7:30 am). We finally had to wake Chloe and daddy up! The boys were thrilled that Santa had come. Chloe just wanted her breakfast. We spent hours that morning exchanging gifts and enjoying watching the boys give out presents and open some too. Ethan didn't care if they were his...he loved opening this year. In fact, I never got to my own stocking so Ethan opened it all for me this morning. Chloe didn't care much about any of the great toys she got, but loved being in the mix and playing with the boxes. Honestly, this Christmas was hard...there wasn't much sitting and relaxing or drinking egg nog ( is more like it) by the fire. It been a crazy, stressful whirlwind of six months with China, adoption, busy child number three, surgeries, and constant supervision. I am tired! Really tired! But as I reflect back on this past year (and even years past) I am constantly reminded that this is right where I am supposed to be. Two years ago all I wanted for Christmas was for Nick to say yes to adoption. I LONGED for that Christmas Day and was hugely and tearfully disappointed when a yes never came (atleast not that Christmas). Last Christmas, I longed to know our daughter as we waited anxiously for a referral phone call. This Christmas, our precious daughter celebrated with us in the same place I ached for her. There really will never be a better gift of watching my three children love Jesus, love others, and love Christmas. I may be tired, but I sure am happy! 

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