Wednesday, October 16, 2013

One year ago

One year ago our dossier was in China waiting on a log in date!! A huge international adoption milestone. This dawned on me as I sat in a show at Sea World on Saturday while our little girl was dancing, clapping, and acting as if this was a normal, everyday occurrence. It's crazy to think that as we celebrated Halloween last year we were five months away from seeing Chloe's face and today she celebrates with us. On the 15th of October last year I re-posted a post about waiting! Those months were grueling! Some of the most emotional months I have experienced. Today it's just joy...pure joy that this little girl that had her whole world rocked not even four months ago is bebopping with her brothers and friends at Sea World Spooktacular!

Dancing to the drums

Mommy look at the sharks!

More sharks

This time of year it's easy to reflect on how far we have come because we make some many memories. This year Chloe isn't a dream, but a reality, and a very important part of our memories. She got to experience her first fair and pumpkin patch this past weekend as well! 

Try as I might my boys do not love cute attire...and there is no posing for pics:( so we have Chloe dressed all cute and sitting on the hay for pics and well, the boys in some not matching clothes while I take their pics on the run! One day my dream of the three of them cuddling on the haystack surrounded by pumpkins smiling perfectly for a pic will come true!! 

Until then, I was able to capture this shot atleast during forced snuggling in their Halloween pjs:)

One year ago we were we are thankful!

Well I wrote this whole post earlier today and just a short while later Chloe fell. One thing we have been avoiding for 6 intense weeks! We were all playing in her closet. I was within an inch of her she fell and hit her mouth and nose on a scooter. Blood was pouring and she was screaming and holding her mouth like I have never seen. I called the surgeon in a panic...he was in the operating room and nurse wasn't there. The secretary said she would try and reach him in the OR to see what I should do (reminder-he is in St. Pete and I am panicked in Orlando). While I wait I call our pediatrician. He tells me to go right to Nemours, our hospital here. While I dish out the boys to my wonderful friend, Courtney, the surgeon calls and says to email him pictures of her mouth and not to go to a hospital in Orlando if i can get the bleeding to stop. I am crying and shaking and so is Chloe but I manage a few pics as I am loading the car for a hospital yet to be determined. The surgeon mentions he wants me to come to All Children's...Lord help me!!! It would take me atleast 3 hours to get there in traffic. Within 30 minutes he calls back to say not to worry...she will be ok...I ask him if he is sure because the blood is coming from the inside of her mouth and I couldn't get a photo of that. He assures me it is ok and to come to his office in the morning. I tell him I need Xanax for a year after these last six weeks and this scare. He laughs! The end!! 

I am still thankful, really frazzled, but thankful! 

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