Friday, March 8, 2013

"Waiting Place"

This has been A TOUGH WEEK!!!!!My friend Nat asked me last night why this week was different than the others and I am not sure. I do know for some reason I woke up Monday morning thinking this would be our week. It wasn't! Plus another friend got another file to review and it wasn't the one...we both agree it will be a "freakin" (yes, I know that doesn't sound the nicest) miracle when one of us gets matched. I am sad for her because I guess we both just thought our next files would be our girls (love you, MO). I am reading this book called Waiting on God by Cherie Hill and quickly turned to this page. The highlighted paragraph needs to be my focus...I need to mediate on it...and pray about this "waiting place" like a million times a day. And I have vowed to do that every time I hope the phone will ring (which is like a million times a day).

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  1. That made me tear up. God bless you, all of the Peterman family. <3 God works in the most beautiful and mysterious of ways. I have always told myself that the waiting, the trials, the tribulations, everything leads up to something so incredible and so beautifully momentous at the end of it all. I am sure that the blessing you have waiting for you will be absolutely magnificent, and transcendant of any expectations. ::Hugs and kisses, and many well wishes::